"The Roof Garden"

Fourth illustration (of twelve) for Sketchy by serpentynka. All of my drawings for this story can be found at #sketchy.


Scratching an itch.

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Impressions of the Heimatmuseum in Siegbach-Übernthal. My grandparents donated some of the items on display there.

During my cycle ride to Übernthal today I encountered lots of mushrooms like these fly-agarics, a cute slowworm, and a deer that stood gazing at me for at least five minutes.


Recently, I’ve been listening a lot to Stephen Briggs’ brilliant reading of Good Omens. Should there ever be a film version of this book, Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch would be my ideal cast for Crowley and Aziraphale.

This is for jamesphillimoresumbrella, to cheer her up.

halflock said: !!! I really dig your art!! your lines are bold and expressive- it's really great <33 please keep up the hard work <33

Thank you :D. Your stuff is beautiful, too. I particularly like your cat!lock. And I’m very impressed by the tidiness of your workspace. Mine looks … not like that. I tend to draw wherever there’s a free space in my flat to sit and put my art stuff.

Julien Mauve After Lights Out, 2013

"Anxiety and the danger of shadows mixed in with safety and well-being" 

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Anybody need a copy editor? Will work long hours for rubbish pay and do the job far better than aforementioned conditions deserve.

If I had a penny for every time I wished I owned a large company that could hire all my excellent but ill-used friends….I’d have enough money to buy that large company.

I’m pretty sure that once you got all of us together, that company would be worth more than Facebook in a matter of days.

If we put Cem in charge of marketing, it will be :P But what would we sell?

Art. All we have to do is convince her that our stuff is worth triple-digit millions and we’re set.

khorazir , wanna get on that?

If you need an illustrator (or someone to cycle round and distribute stuff), yeah, any time :D

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johnlockedness said: Hi! I've started reading your fic 'Enigma' and I have to say that I love your writing style. It flows and it's very enjoyable. Also I love the idea of this AU, I am very interested in WWII so this is a gem. I am intrigued which path it will take. Thank you so much for writing this and I am looking forward to the next chapters! Absolutely spiffing old fruit! X Ness

Thanks a lot, old chap ;). I was surprised that there weren’t loads and loads of Sherlock Codebreaker AUs about already when the idea hit me, because it simply fits to mix the two. I’m only aware of lotherington’s Long Ago and Far Away series, which I haven’t read yet but look forward to reading once I’ve finished Enigma.

As for that, chapter 4 is well under way and I hope to get a good chunk of it written over the weekend. First I need to get through the first week of school after the summer holidays, though … ;)

"Oh, Sherlock."

Lineart for September’s “Let’s Draw Sherlock" Challenge: Characters when they think no one’s looking! Watercolour version will follow.